Boerson Farm is a beautiful, 80 acre, Certified Organic farm tucked into the rural fabric of Green Lake County. We find strength in diversification and strive for the farm to produce for its own needs as well as our own. We are committed to organic and sustainable farming practices that heal the land, increase soil organic matter, increase biodiversity, and produce amazingly delicious whole foods including vegetables, fruit, grass fed beef, and eggs. The animals on the farm are raised as naturally as we know how, but they are not certified organic because of the lack of certified organic meat processors in our part of Wisconsin. Rich compost feeds the soil and cover crops restore life to the land that was for years farmed with chemicals. Three draft horses, Valerie, Vonda, and Kathleen provide much of the power needed to work the land.

As much as a farm is a place, rooted on all levels in the soil it stands on, it is also a state of mind. We have been in the process of finding our farm, physically and otherwise, for some time. Our journey has taken us along the curvy back roads of our minds, society, and rural places and what we are finding is more than a barn, fields and a menagerie of animals.

It was after a long day of work in the fields of a Costa Rican coffee farm that a Dutch woman revealed to us the translation of our surname, “Farmers Son.” Mat had made it through 25 years of life without ever considering what Boerson meant, or what profound implications it might have. We went abroad in search of something other than a conventional career path after years of disillusionment in the university system, and what we discovered was a yearning for connection to the land.

In a farm bungalow on the island of Bocas del Toro, Panama we checked our bunks for scorpions and spiders before slipping under the mosquito netting for the night. For hours we processed the poignant contrasts we were seeing and how it might change our lives upon our return “home”. That night, Boerson Farm was born, or perhaps awakened from its generational slumber.

Boerson Farm is a work in progress, both a place and a journey toward sustainability. We are committed to moving forward in a way that honors our past and gives hope for the future. We farm because we love it and because we are working to create the kind of world we want our children to inherit.

A new chapter in the farm's story is now taking shape. After almost ten years of renting the farm, we have found a path to permanent land tenure, just a few miles down the road…