Small, Medium, or Large?

We offer three different sizes of shares, a Small, a Medium, and a Large.

The Small is about 30% less produce than the Medium, which is about 30% less produce than the Large. Or a value difference of $10 less each delivery. 

We generally say that a Small is good for someone new to CSA or a household of 1-2 people. A Medium is generally good for a household of 3-4 people, but each family or person is different! A Large is perfect for the veggie loving family.
Regardless of the size of share you choose, each delivery we offer a wide variety of seasonal vegetables to make sure you get more of what you want in your share.
Your CSA share is created with your personal tastes in mind and you can customize them further each week!

Payment Options
We offer 2 options for payment:

1: Payment can be made in full at time of registration.
2: We also offer a convenient payment plan:
- 25% at registration
- 25% when the season begins
- The remaining 50% broken up evenly over the weeks you pickup

If you need alternative payment plans, please let us know and we will try our best to make accommodations.

Weekly vs. Bi-Weekly  and Add-On Shares

You can choose to pickup our Summer Shares on a weekly or bi-weekly (every other week) basis.
If you are a 1 person household or your family dines out regularly this may be a good option to incorporate fresh vegetables and local foods into your diet without it feeling like too much of a burden on your schedule.

We also offer eggs as Add-On Shares to the vegetable share.

2020 CSA Share Options